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Horse racing and the Commonwealth of Kentucky are synonymous. The equine industry in the state dates as far back as the eighteenth century, and some of that history remains untold. The Seventeenth Earl of Derby made the trip from England to Louisville for the famed Kentucky Derby. Many famous African American jockeys grew up in the area but fled to Europe during the Jim Crow era. Gambling on races is a popular pastime, but betting in the early days caused significant changes in the sport. Author, historian and Lexington native Foster Ockerman Jr. details the rich and the lesser-known history at the tracks in the Bluegrass State.

Foster Ockerman Jr. is a Lexington, Kentuckty native and seventh-generation Kentuckian. He is a practicing attorney, as well as a historian and the author of five histories, including the most recent history of Lexington. His law practice over the past forty years has covered business, real estate, nonprofit organizations, healthcare and equine law. In addition, he is president and chief historian for the Lexington History Museum Inc.

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The Filson Historical Society
1310 South 3rd Street, Louisville, Kentucky, 40208, United States
The Filson Historical Society, founded in 1884, is a privately-supported historical society dedicated to preserving the history of Kentucky and the Ohio Valley Region.